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This device provides a bidirectional, half-duplex communication physical interface to automotive, and industrial LIN systems to meet the LIN bus specification Revision 2.1 and SAE J2602. The device is short circuit and overtemp protected by internal circuitry. The device has been specifically designed to operate in the automotive operating environment and will survive all specified transient conditions while meeting all of the stringent quiescent current requirements. MCP200x family members: • 8-pin PDIP, DFN and SOIC packages: - MCP2003, LIN-compatible driver, with WAKE pin - MCP2004, LIN-compatible driver, with FAULT/TXE pin This is a stand alone LIN transceiver without a voltage regulator. If an integrated voltage regulator is required please refer to the MCP2021/2 *Contact sales for more information.



Data Sheets
  MCP2003/4 Data Sheet Last Updated: 08/11/2010   DL
 Application Notes
  AN1009 - LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC18XXXX Family Microcontrollers Last Updated: 10/27/2005   DL
  AN1099 - LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC16FXXX Family Microcontrollers Last Updated: 06/19/2007   DL
  Analog and Interface Product Selector Guide Last Updated: 05/24/2010   DL
  Analog Solutions for Automotive Applications Design Guide Last Updated: 12/08/2009   DL
  LIN Serial Analyzer Update v2.03 Last Updated: 01/15/2009   DL
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