MPLAB REAL ICE In-Circuit Emulator
  • MPLAB REAL ICE In-Circuit Emulator

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Part Number: DV244005

MPLAB REAL ICE In-Circuit Emulator System is Microchip’s next generation high speed emulator for Microchip Flash DSC
® and MCU devices. It debugs and programs PIC® and dsPIC® Flash microcontrollers with the easy-to-use but powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), included with each kit.
The MPLAB REAL ICE probe is connected to
the design engineer's PC using a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and is connected to the target with either a connector compatible with the popular MPLAB ICD 2 system (RJ11) or with the new high speed, noise tolerant, low voltage differential signal (LVDS) interconnection (CAT5).

MPLAB REAL ICE is field upgradeable through future firmware downloads in MPLAB IDE. In upcoming releases of MPLAB IDE, new devices will be supported, and new features added.

MPLAB REAL ICE offers the following advantages:
Low cost
Full speed emulation
Fast debugging and programming
Ruggedized probe interface
High speed connectivity (High Speed option)
Long cable interconnects (validated to 3 meters)
MPLAB IDE integration (included free)
- Small footprint (3 3/8”x4 5/8”x3/4”)

Real-time execution and real time trace collection
Real time watch
Full hardware debugging: breakpoints, single-step, variable inspect/modify
- Logic probe inputs/outputs (8)

I/O Port trace and SPI trace options for high speed upload of trace data
Over voltage/short-circuit monitor protection
Low voltage: to 2.0 volts (2.0V to 5.5V range)
High speed USB 2.0 communication protocol

Standard Probe Driver
The Standard Probe Driver uses a MPLAB ICD 2 type connector (RJ11) to connect to the target application. Designs that are compatible with MPLAB ICD 2 debugging/programming are quickly converted to the use of MPLAB REAL ICE. This driver board is included in the MPLAB REAL ICE Probe Kit (DV244005).

High Speed Probe Driver/Receiver (AC244002)
The optional High Speed Probe Driver consists of two circuit boards (transmitter and receiver) with two CAT5 cables. Debug pins are driven using LVDS communications, and additional trace connections allow high speed serial trace uploads to the PC.

  • Device Support List
    The MPLAB REAL ICE is capable of supporting most flash PIC microcontroller and dsPIC digital signal controllers. Check the release notes with the most current MPLAB IDE to see the full list of devices supported.

Other families and more devices will be added in future releases of MPLAB IDE.

Part Number



MPLAB REAL ICE Probe Kit, includes MPLAB REAL ICE and Standard Driver Board (Compatible with MPLAB ICD 2 RJ-11 connections)


MPLAB REAL ICE Performance Pak, includes the High Speed Driver to replace Standard Driver Board for high speed LVDS communications, and a High Speed Receiver Board. The High Speed Driver Boards use a second connector for high speed trace upload.


The MPLAB REAL ICE Trace Kit enables tracing of program flow instruction execution for PIC32MX devices with instruction trace capability. The kit contains a polarized interface designed to interface with the PIC32MX Plug-In Modules (PIM) and offers a quick and reliable connection.


The MPLAB REAL ICE Isolator enables connectivity to AC and High-voltage applications not referenced to ground. Control signals are magnetically or optically isolated providing up to 2.5KV equivalent isolation protection. The isolator acts as an isolated bridge, where signals are passed through with complete transparency to the MPLAB REAL ICE or MPLAB IDE. The MPLAB REAL ICE Isolator requires Part Number AC244002, the MPLAB REAL ICE High Performance Pak with LVDS differential signaling supporting full-speed debugging. REAL ICE Isolator does NOT support the PIC10F, PIC12F, PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC18FK, and dsPIC30F devices since they require a programming voltage on VPP


The MPLAB REAL ICE AC ISOLATION KIT is comprised of the MPLAB REAL ICE Isolator (AC244005) and the MPLAB REAL ICE Performance Pak (AC24402) bundled together in one complete kit.

Header Information
Some 8-, 14- and 18-pin devices use small header boards with a special MCU for debugging. This special MCU has extra pins for MPLAB REAL ICE communication and therefore allows the use of all pins on the part for the application. The header board is not used or needed for programming. However, when debugging these devices the header must be used. See the "Header Specification" document below or see a list of current devices that use headers


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MPLAB IDE Current Release Notes  10/26/2010 8:54:17 AM 247 KB
MPLAB REAL ICE Poster  11/12/2008 12:31:44 PM 318 KB
MPLAB REAL ICE Product Overview  8/24/2010 7:52:13 AM 97 KB
MPLAB REAL ICE User's Guide  11/30/2009 2:34:42 PM 1333 KB
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PIC18(L)F2XK22/4XK22 Flash Memory Programming  4/23/2010 11:49:07 AM 518 KB
Transition Socket Specification  3/28/2010 11:34:06 PM 688 KB
Uninstalling Incorrect USB Device Drivers  9/30/2009 12:27:00 PM 313 KB

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