PIC32系列软件 PIC32系列硬件 PIC32系列开发工具
Microchip 软件
测试软件 For access to pre-release software for PIC32, check out the Beta Release Software Forum
USB Microchip Full-Speed USB Framework
PIC32 USB Device/Embedded Host Software Stack v1.04 (LEGACY)
Connectivity Microchip TCP/IP with support for SSL
Microchip TCP/IP with BSD Sockets - coming soon
MiWi™ Protocol Stack
IrDA Standard Stack Available, please talk to your Microchip representative
Encryption AES 128/196/256-bit
Graphics Microchip Graphics Library
CAN CAN Library for PIC32 - includes support for MCP2515
Audio Audio Library for PIC32MX - supports Speex, ADPCM, and WAV
PIC32串口自举程序 Serial Port Bootloader for PIC32MX
基础程序库 DSP Library - located in compiler
FatFs File System
16-bit File System - located in application note AN1108
32-bit File System
Data EEPROM Emulation Library for PIC32
Microchip 硬件
PIC32系列入门 PIC32 Starter Kit (DM320001)
PIC32 USB Starter Kit II (DM320003-2)
PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit (DM320004)

Expansion Boards:


PIC32系列参数 Parametric list of PIC32 microcontrollers
PIC32系列开发板 Explorer 16 development boards require a PIC32 PIM and debugger/emulator. USB development requires the addition of a USB PICTAIL+ Daughter Card.

Explorer 16 Development Board (DM24000x)
PIC32MX3 PIM for Explorer 16 Development Board (MA320001)
PIC32MX4 USB PIM for Explorer 16 Development Board (MA320002)
PIC32MX7 CAN PIM for Explorer 16 Development Board (MA320003)
USB PICTAIL+ Daughter Card for Explorer 16 (AC164131)
ECAN/LIN PICTail+ Daughter Card (AC164130)
PIC32 Starter Board to Explorer 16 PIM Adapter (AC320002)
Microchip Tools (top of page)
PIC32系列开发环境 MPLAB IDE (version 8.0 or higher)
PIC32 C编译器 MPLAB C32 C Compiler
PIC32调试与仿真 MPLAB REAL ICE™ Emulator
MPLAB ICD 3 In-circuit Debugger
PIC32编程器 MPLAB PM3 Universal Device Programmer
PICkit 3 Microcontroller Programmer
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