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SAS Overview Sheet

Steal Atmel Sockets

Atmel is moving towards a big socket, touch centric strategy and leaving many of their 8-bit
MCU and memory customers with poor support, price increases and a roadmap focused on
high-end 32-bit and touch products.  We believe the time is right to “steal” those sockets away
from Atmel.

What's in it for the customer? 
    -  Microchip has industry leading lead-times on products across the board
    -  An MCU roadmap that more closely matches those customers' needs
    -  Discounted and/or FREE tools
    -  FREE training classes
    -  FREE factory design conversion for qualified customers

When? – Now through 12/31/2011

What do you need to do?
    1.  Review the Kick-off presentation on the SAS Support Page on the infoDepot
    2. Identify as many Atmel customer targets as you can
    3. Engage customers using either the SAS Customer Presentation or the Introductory
       Customer Letter
    4. Utilize the conversion materials on the SAS Support Page to help convert your
       customers' designs
    5. Register your design using SAS-xxx as the project name

What's in it for you?
    1.  More registrations/revenue ?More Income ?
    2.  The chance to win a 32GB iPad - We'll be giving one away monthly beginning July ,11
           a. You can receive one entry into the drawing for each qualified conversion
How do I enter the iPad drawing?
    1.  Review the SAS Customer Presentation and the materials available on the SAS Support

    2. Click on this banner on the SAS Support Page ?
    3.  Answer a few simple questions about the conversion information
    4. Provide details on your conversion opportunity – one entry per opportunity

We've setup a support email specific to this program.  If you have any questions related to this
program please send an email to getstarted@microchip.com.

*If you do not have a login for the infoDepot, please send an email to infoDepot@microchip.com.

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