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[ICD3] Installing USB driver - PC freezing


I have a problem where my PC freezes when I try to install the driver for the icd3.

I have tried to install in safe mode.

However once I have installed the driver in safe mode, I still have problems (if I try to test the board in safe mode to ensure it works it says: The current driver board does not support the loop back test operation. Please remove the loop back board). If I go in to normal XP mode then when I plug the icd 3 in, Windows completely freezes and I have to reset the computer.

I have tried all of the following things in order to try and fix this problem:
Having MPLAB open when plugging icd3 in
Locating the driver manually (telling Windows where to install the driver from)
Trying different USB ports
Trying different versions of MPLAB (I have tried 8.46, 8.53 and 8.56)
Trying to use it through a USB hub
Using different icd 3s

I have tried out all equipment on someone else's computer, and it works fine.


Possible Solution 1:
Install it in safe mode. Do not try to test/program anything in safe mode because it will fail.
Go to the Device Manager. Uninstall the driver, then refresh the page (scanning for driver changes) then reinstall the driver, specifically specifying the location of the driver.
Do not unplug the icd 3. Then restart the computer, going in to normal Windows. At no point should you unplug the icd 3, otherwise the computer will crash.
Then you can use the icd 3 in Windows XP as usual. I think it is best (with this problem) to ensure that the icd 3 is plugged in to the computer before turning it on.

Possible Solution 2:
This may also be caused by ZoneAlarm Antivirus which uses Kaspersky drivers.
For ZoneAlarm you need to uninstall the whole ZoneAlarm application; Install MPLAB; Initialise icd3; reinstall ZoneAlarm; configure ZoneAlarm.


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