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How to use MCD-DEMO2


Posted - 01/14/2010 : 10:29:35

I just bought the following items:

1. "MCD-DEMO2 Development Board"
2. "PIC Development Programmer & Debugger USB PICKit2"
3. "QL1201 Universal Programming Module for ICD2 AND PICKIT2"

In order to test MCD-DEMO-2 Kit, I am trying to run the LCD12864 program.
I programmed the MCU using PICKit2. I put the programmed PIC on MCD-DEMO-2 and powered it up with 9v and switched on the board. But nothing is being displayed on the LCD. What am I missing?

I am wondering if there is any indicator on MCD-DEMO-2 to show the power state?

What are the chances that I have received a bad MCD-DEMO-2?





You need disconnection PICKIT2 to MCD-DEMO2 for run your code When program success.

and please check all dip switch set.

and please check config set.

all the switch is "OFF".


load file for : lcd1.HEX

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