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16F876A reprogramming problem


I have a QL200 development board which I've used for a couple of years so I'm fairly conversant with it's use; however, I've been working with a 16F876A DIP chip which has been reprogrammed in the order of 100 times and now when I try programming it with the QL Programmer the programmer gives the same error message as when the 9VDC power switch has not been turned on, but it is on! I've tried it with two other 16F876A's with the same result (both of which have programmed successfully in the past). I know all the jumpers are correct as they have not been changed from many successful past programming sessions. Indeed, I tried programming a different 28 pin DIP chip (16F72) (using the same programming socket) which programmed just fine!

Could this be a programming voltage problem? I'm getting 8.88 VDC.




1. You can try for QL200 to increase external power (Wall Mount AC/DC Power Supply DC 7V-10V 300mA-1000mA Power Supply -Positive or Negative Center)
2. You can try set all switch for OFF, moved Stepper Motor…
3. You can try re-"OPTION "-->" Download operating System".

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