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Installation Error for MPLAB Starter kit-PIC32MX795F512L USB Starter Kit II


I am getting a error while installing PIC32 Starter Kit Sofware v1.30 for the USB Starter Kit II. I even tried the latest version v2.0A.
BFHere what the error says "Error 1935. An error occured during installtion of assembly component{5617BF49-9195-4C35-B9AD-F8D165DE25BB}. HRESULT : 0X800700B7 ."
My host system is a Lenovo which has a windows XP version 2002 professional SP3.
It would be great if anyone can come up with the solution.



1) Install the latest MPLAB IDE from the web (8.50) and choose "Custom Install".
2) Make sure the MPLAB VDI component is fully unchecked.
3) Complete Install.

4) Go to your add remove programs and make sure any MSXML4.0 stuff is removed.

5) Reinstall MPLAB PIC32 SK as normal.

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