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Problem with MPLAB ICD3 Programming PIC12F1822


I am relatively new to all this and am trying to port existing PIC12F675 code (Hi-Tech C code) to PIC12F1822 using MPLAB 8.6 and ICD3.
All appears to work well at first glance as MPLAB seems to hook up properly to ICD3 and from there to my PCB/MCU and I get the normal "Programming/Verify Complete" message. But the device is not being programmed, its all blank except for Config1 register.
I have checked and rechecked my hardware connections, MCLR pullup, MCU configuration settings, Vdd and Vpp settings, etc and cannot find the problem. I've tried in debugging and programming modes with both ICD3 and PICkit3, same results. I even tried several different F1822 and LF1822 devices. My PCB now has only the F1822 on it, voltage regulator and MCLR 10K pullup. Still same problem.  I can't seem to find anything on the forums that suggests any problems with this new MCU or with MPLAB/ICD3/PICkit3 programming of it .
But I did read that the MPLAB output window is supposed to output the MCU Part Number as well as the Device ID Revision.
As shown below I am getting only the device id revision, no part number.
MPLAB ICD 3 detected
Connecting to MPLAB ICD 3...
Firmware Suite Version...... 01.26.33
Firmware type......................Enhanced Midrange
MPLAB ICD 3 Connected.
Device ID Revision = 00000006
I must be missing something fundamental here?
Can anyone steer me straight? Any suggestions?
Much appreciated.



That's really strange. If it shows the "programming/verify complete" it's always fully programmed.

Did you check Programmer>Settings, Program memory tab, that program memory is in fact selected? Try setting it to "Manually select momoroes and ranges" and select everything?

Did you View>Program memory to confirm the code is there, then program, then programmer>Verify?

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