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unable to find device


tried the hello world example on the microchip tutorial and followed the steps through several times.  When it comes to building the code i get the following error: 

Error - Device not specified. Use /p option to specify a device.
Errors    : 1

I have selected the device i want to use through configure->select device

Im not sure what the /p option actually means and if it actually means the PIC device :s

i have ran a check on the ICD3 and it says working fine and can find the PIC when it is plugged in.

Any ideas? 



If you are using assembly language, in the "MPASM™ Assembler, MPLINK™ Object Linker MPLIB™ Object Librarian User’s Guide" on page 44 it says...

/p Set the processor type, where processor_type is
a PIC1X MCU device, e.g., PIC18F452.
(That is a "command line option")

Then on page 112 it says...

4.55 processor - SET PROCESSOR TYPE...
processor 16f877a ;Sets processor to PIC16F877A
(another way to set the processor type in your program.)

Then on page 99 it says...
(Note: I use this option)

list [list_option, ..., list_option]
Set processor type; for example, PIC16F54. See
also processor.
Note: Processor type is set in MPLAB IDE

Or if your Pic is a 16F1938, then stick this line at the top of your program...

 LIST   P=PIC16F1938

Then you don't need the /p command line option.

Here is the MPASM manual...

FYI - "switches" like /p are from the old world of "DOS" line commands. These can be seen from MPLAB in Project/Build Options/Project and then click on the MPLINK tab. Then you will see something like this...
/m"$(BINDIR_)$(TARGETBASE).map" /w /o"$(BINDIR_)$(TARGETBASE).cof"

And it is using /m /w and /o "command line switches".

If you are using Windows, you can see how this works by clicking on Start/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt

Then you are now using DOS and the command line prompt.

Type in help [then press enter]

help /?
help print
print /?

So when MPLAB compiles, it calls mpasm and will also include command line switches as they are set by default or changed by you.

I would not mess with the command line switches, rather specify the processor type in your program.

Then you can search for this...

...and see examples of where other people have named the prosessor type in their programs. Here is that search...

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