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How to set up for debug 12F509 device


HiTech C compiler 9.80
MPlab 8.60
PicKit 3 debugger
AC164110 adaptor from PicKit 3 to RJ connector
Required header AC162059
Not plugged into my application board.
Simple C program - name some variables and add numbers to them.
Program compiles without errors.
Connects to PicKit 3 and to device
Programs fine


PC always = 0x3FF when stepping
Source window does not show step or program location
Could not find header file under HiTech include for 12F509.


When programming for debug, you must select debugger>program, not programmer>Program?
An oscillator is required for debugging (did you set config bits for int osc?)
MCLR pin must be pulled high in target system with 10K resistor?
Check power supply Ok on VDD of target system with voltmeter?
You do not need a device include only one include is required-
#include <htc.h>      //Hi Tech top level include
In Build Options Select Language Toolsuite you have selected HI-TECH Universal Toolsuite?
In Project>Build Options Linker tab, is debugger set to "Auto"?

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