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Wireless Design Center Home

Microchip is enabling our PIC® microcontroller customers with cost effective, easy to implement wireless solutions. We offer transmitter, receiver, and transceiver solutions for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee®, ISM Band Sub-GHz, and IEEE 802.11. Combined with the PIC microcontroller, analog, and memory products Microchip is able to provide a complete wireless solution.


IEEE 802.15.4™ / ZigBee®



IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee are ideal for short-range, low-power, and low-data rate wireless applications. Microchip offers ZigBee® compliant protocol stack FREE for our PIC® microcontroller customers. Microchip also offers proprietary stacks ‘MiWi’ and ‘MiWi P2P’.

Sub-GHz ISM Band



Microchip offers a number of solutions ideal for the low data-rate, low-power embedded applications. Current solutions are available for the 315/434/868/915/950 MHz frequency bands.


IEEE 802.11 / Wi-Fi®



IEEE 802.11 wireless connectivity has seen massive growth and broad deployment in homes, buildings, and cities. The established infrastructure is enabling the 802.11 technology on a broad scale. Microchip is pleased to offer our PIC microcontroller “Wi-Fi I/O” MRF24WB0 transceiver solution for low-power and low duty-cycle applications. The Wi-Fi I/O makes system development a low-cost and seamless migration from wired Microchip Ethernet PICs to create wireless connectivity.

Development Tools



Microchip understands the challenge associated with RF designs and system integration. We have created easy to use development kits, tools, and software to help our customers evaluate, develop, and deploy products with our Microchip Wireless solutions.


Certified RF Design Partner Program



Microchip has created the Certified RF Design Partner Program as a way to promote our design partners who specialize in RF design and Wireless Network development. Our certified design partners have proven capabilities and are uniquely qualified to support Microchip wireless customers. These consultants and design houses specialize in the area of:
• Hardware RF Circuit and Antenna Design Services
• Design Consulting
• Certification, and Manufacturing Services
• Wireless Networking and ZigBee application development

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