Intelligent Power Supply Design Center

Intelligent Power Supply Design Center

Today, power supply designers must create power conversion products that offer greater efficiency, higher power density, higher reliability, advanced communications and advanced control features. And as always these products need to be developed and marketed quickly and at lower costs. Microchip offers a comprehensive set of Intelligent Power Supply solutions enabling designers to meet these challenges.


What is an Intelligent Power Supply?

Intelligent Power Supply Integration Levels and Solutions


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Level 1: On/Off Control

Level 2: Proportional Control

Level 3: Topology Control

Level 4: Full Digital Control

Digital Power Factor Correction Application Example

Digital RGB LED Light Ballast

Digital Xenon HID Light Ballast

Digital 300 Watt AC/DC Power Supply with PFC

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Uninterruptable Power Supply Application Example

Solar Power Conversion

Grid Connected Solar Power Inverter

Digital Power Inverter Generator

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