Human interface - Home Appliance Design Center

Human interface - Home Appliance Design Center

Today’s consumers are accustomed to sleek and intuitive user interfaces on appliances as well as consumer electronics. Appliance makers benefit from simplifying complex products and improving safe and correct operation.

Microchip offers a broad line of microcontrollers that integrate LCD controllers, touch screens, capacitive (including metal over cap), audio feedback, and LED lighting. Turnkey solutions along with extensive free technical resources help minimize design time and lower costs.

Human Interface for Appliances


Touch Sensing

  • Capacitive
  • Projected Capacitance
  • Resistive

Segmented LCD

  • Up to 192 LCD Segments
  • Free Segmented Display
    Designer GUI

Graphics Library

  • Up to 480 x 240 (WQVGA) Resolution
  • Numerous 2D and 3D Objects

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