Low Power-Home Appliance Design Center

Low Power-Home Appliance Design Center

Reducing energy consumption is mandatory for today's appliance designs as consumers seek "green" products and goverment regulations push for lower standby and run-time power consumption.

Microchip's leading nanoWatt XLP Technology achieves best in class standby power for microcontrollers while incorporating features such as LCD control, capacitive touch sensing and USB. Lower power analog products deliver both low stand-by and run-time currents including LDOs, switching regulators, op amps/comparators, battery chargers, and supervisors.

PIC® MCUs Offer eXtreme Low Power:

  • Sleep currents down to 20 nA
  • Active mode currents down to 45 uA/MHz
  • Wake-up sources include RTC, WDT, BOR, Interrupts, Reset, POR


Vsit the eXtreme Low Power Design Center for more information on nanoWatt XLP Technology.

Low Power Analog Highlights:

  • LDOs down to 1.6 uA quiescent current
  • Switching regulators down to 19 uA quiescent current
  • Op amps/comparators down to 600 nA quiescent current

Visit the Analog Design Center for more information.

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